What One Pushes On The Radio To Get “Lady Ga-Ga?”

Note: For those fans of Ms. Ga-Ga, I don’t mean to be insulting to you. I haven’t heard much. In this case it certainly seems like ignorance is bliss, but who knows. Call me uncool. That shoe fits.


  1. Maybe I’m confused, but I can’t tell if you’re saying you like what little you’ve heard, or you hate it. I hope and pray to our Mighty God it’s the latter.

    Ironically, everytime I get my haircut, the radio station they have on plays Poker Face by Ms. Ga-Ga. I am not a fan. Not even close. They must have some weird psychic powers and mean to torture me during my haircut.

  2. ever since I caught her one night on Leno (long story- newborn baby, late night- you get my drift) I’ve had a really bad taste in my mouth concerning this artist…I’m so glad my daughter is 2…but I fear it is all downhill from here.

  3. But by the looks of the digital screen, there’s a CD in the stereo, which means that you’re listening to – and probably own – a “Lady” Ga Ga compact disk. Which only proves that you’re a tremendous fan of her art and lasting work.

  4. You know it, Eric.

    Note: This is John Paice’s car and on our trip to Nashville for Hutchmoot.

    We listened to a lot of music, including Aaron Roughton and Bruce Springsteen (my choice was the former).

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