What We Do With Our Longing

Jared Wilson has, as usual, something valuable to say to us. He writes a short post concerning Sehsucht, the indescribable (until now, thank you Germany!) longing we have –the mystery in the heart of man. He suggests we do a few things with this deep, eternal longing. I have included only the title of each (read the post to fill in the short description), except I included number 3 in full.

Re: number 3. This is a serious concern. The elevation of Doubt to creedal status is one of the most disturbing fads among believers of our age.

Anyway, here’s what Jared says we do with this longing.

1. We drug it

2. We deny It.

3. We deify it.
This approach is becoming more popular in professing Christian circles, particularly among younger generations. At some point, the longing itself became more interesting than the longed-for. Idolaters of Sehnsucht don’t mind reveling in the mysteries at the expense of their Author, because mystery seems so much more interesting than revelation. Those who settle for the longing itself rather than the settler of the longing coddle their doubts, cherish subjectivity, and elevate uncertainty.

4. We delight it.

Read the entire thing. It’s very good.

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