When Advent is Over Forever

I know Advent is over for this year and we’re on day 4 of Christmas, but I wanted to share this now. Because, one day, there will be no more Advent season and that’s the glory we anticipate when Advent suddenly becomes Christmas every year. I love the season of Advent. I hope it is over forever soon. –Sam

“The story we tell every Advent, like the story we tell every Sunday, is an old one. It is familiar like a children’s tune, like the moon. But it must be told again. We share the story of Advent every year at this time. We share it with the older generations as well as our children and grandchildren. We share it to remember whom we are waiting for. We share it to remind one another to wait with hope. We share it because it is worth sharing, worth repeating, worth telling. As familiar as the story is, it is still true. And one day, one of these Advents will be the last one.”

Thomas McKenzie, from Familiar as the Moon, posted at The Rabbit Room

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