When He Was Good He Was Roughton

Tomorrow’s post will of the guest variety. It will be from Mister Aaron Roughton.

I am thankful for Aaron, though we have never met. Here’s why:

1. He is an encouraging sort of chap. He comments at the Rabbit Room and always has good things to say. He has encouraged me in my writing. One thing I very much appreciate about the opportunity Andrew Peterson has given me in the Rabbit Room has been connecting with lots of amazing people I would likely never have otherwise connected with.

2. He has the most hilarious comments ever. Hands down. Though Peter B is also very funnyfied (among others). Just browse the Rabbit Room’s posts, especially my (attempted) humor posts and you will laugh more at his comments than what I said. At least I do.I love it when some one totally dominates me in the area of humor and wit. Aaron always does.

3. He has a LOT of talent. He’s a good writer, hilarious, and also is quite a singer/songwriter. His record, All I Want, might be all you want. It’s quite good. I recommend it. You can buy it here.

Tomorrow, you can get a little taste of his humor with his Guest Post: “Exactly 100 Words on Authenticity.”

Be there. I mean, here. Be here. In this area.

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