Where I say “Teensy” and Complain About People Who Complain

If we were to have a modern-era seven plagues, like the hail and frogs, locusts etc., I think one of them would be “changing Facebook a teensy bit.” The reaction on the Book of Faces when the men behind the curtain of the social networking Juggernaut tweek it a little is beyond all reason and out of proportion. Much like the above picture (crafted by my pal, Brandon Lilly). I believe that I have never heard so much complaining about something so insignificant. Here follows anecdotal and deliberately exaggeratorial evidence. Note: I made that one word up (exaggeratorial).
Children are starving in Zimbabwe and there is a cholera outbreak.


Change Facebook a wee little bit:

Riots! Outrage! A revolt! Blood in the streets! Blood on the tracks!


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