1. I think you’re overlooking the true tragedy — when this happens to Guam, think of the human cost! A whole island tipping over and sliding into the ocean!

    What if North America is next? I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but when you look at the number of people living on the east coast… we could be mere moments away from just this type of catastrophe. I for one am terrified!

  2. Well, what would happen if global warming is real…and stuff started melting in the north and Canada started sliding towards us and we could, like, sell it to people, or like, it could completely cover us up and like, then we would all be buried by Canadians.

  3. Don’t forget Corrine Brown.

    (especially funny if you follow college football)
    I think the saddest part is when they do this type of silliness and get re-elected anyway.

    Not sure which is worse though. Fools, or the bundles of $100 bills in the freezer type guys.

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