Why Do We Have the Leaders We Have?

Oh, because there are lots of voters like this…


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Yeah, U.S. Americans sometimes don’t have maps. So we should places like South Africa and the Iraq. Maybe they need healthy pesticides so that they can freeze their food?

  2. Say what?

    I’m thinking about planting one of those vegetable trees myself. If I lived on the east coast, I would have one of my slaves do it, but since I live up here in Canada, I’ll probably just ask a farmer for one for free.

  3. I live on the west coast and I am truly offended that you posted this! Not really. In fact I saw this woman at the local farmer’s market. She was selling the “perfect pesticide” for only $19.95.

  4. and um, I have no words and I’ve um told my slaves um to stay in the backyard um so that everyone um thinks that I um do my own work because food is good.

  5. Um, like, she DID say ‘like’ one time. I’m from California and stuff and her speech was so totally clear to me. She also said, ‘and things’ more than a typical Californian, but that’s okay.

  6. I think like I mean she should have a couple of beers with President Obama and give like some of these ideas ’cause like I don’t think he is like into the east coast thing at all. Maybe she could give GramaMack some help with that perfect pesticide- its $24.95 in Australia and Canada, like I think.

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