Wit’s Beginning

“Wit is the unexpected copulation of ideas.” 

Patrick O’Brian

Note: Don’t freak out, it can simply mean “joined.” Let’s not give up entirely on language.


  1. Indeed. The comments over at facebook were priceless. I paste herein.

    Ron Block Note: Take note of how many words in the English language have been ruined and are now virtually unusable by being seen only in the sexual sense. Thank you, popular media.
    Yesterday at 9:41am · Stacy Grubb What a gay observation.
    Yesterday at 3:53pm · Samuel D. Smith Thank you, Stacy Grubb.
    Yesterday at 6:39pm · Jason Grubb That’s a liberal use of language.
    Yesterday at 10:08pm · Samuel D. Smith That’s a conservative estimate.
    Yesterday at 10:09pm ·

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