Wrestling With Adoption?

“My greater hope is that you will ask the Lord what your part will be in the lives of over 100,000,000 orphans worldwide. Don’t ask Him whether you should get involved–He’s already answered that question (Psalm 82:3-4). Ask Him how you should begin to make room in your life for the care of an orphan, either through the adoption process itself, or the by supporting others willing to open their homes to these forgotten children.”

Greg Lucas, author of Wrestling With An Angel


  1. My husband and I have had the wonderful although difficult experience of adoption with our son Mikey who has autism. We have fostered 3 other children though our desire to adopt was not possible, the time we shared with them brought great joy and blessings greatly outweighing the pain of our broken hearts caused by the outcome. The blessing of knowing we where able to give them the chance to experience a family with love, safety, compassion, and comfort will be with us always. I hope people realize the true greatness and beauty of adoption. Yes, it is a difficult journey and I don’t know anyone who is really strong enough to go through the process of adoption but thankfully our Father who has adopted us through the blood of Christ will meet our every need comforting us and guiding us making way for the family he is creating.

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