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Writers: Hilariously Pathetic

Alan Jacobs on how “…The ability of writers to feel offended or persecuted is pretty close to unlimited…”

One of my favorite stories about writers concerns John O’Hara, who long ago wrote the book for the musical Pal Joey, based on his own novel. When the play was making a big run on Broadway, two friends of O’Hara’s bumped into him on the streets of New York. “Oh John,” they cooed, “We just saw Pal Joey again, and we enjoyed it even more than the first time!” O’Hara snarled, “What the hell was wrong with it the first time?”

The entire article is about digital publishing and, like everything Jacobs writes (that I have read), it’s good.

And I’ve written about P.W.S. (Pathetic Writer Syndrome) before, here if you wish to see. Hug a writer, people. Believe me, we need it.

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