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You Drink Your Coffee & You Go To War (Fight Back!)

I see you as heroic for the way you love and serve your children and I see myself as an ally in your work. Thank you for letting me in on the adventure that is serving your precious kids! 

I wrote this Fight Back essay as an a encouragement to you. I hope it is inspiring! Consider sharing it with friends you are fighting back alongside!

Every day you show up. You drink your coffee and you go to war.

Imagination is a battlefield and you are there, fighting back against the darkness. You are fighting for their imaginations by giving your children room to be bored and explore, capacity to learn and grow, and a humble, hopeful vision of what is surely coming. 

You choose timeless truths over hot takes, love and light over angry arson, and you inspire your kids to face fears and embrace faith. 

You are fighting for their imaginations and actively aiming to align their hearts with the Good, the Truth, and the Beautiful. 

You aren’t just raising warriors of light. You are a warrior of light. 

The darkness is there every day.  

But so are you. And you aren’t alone. 

Fight back. 

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