You Might Be A Disciple If…

I have never read a Donald Miller book. I’d like to read one some day, but today is not that day.

But I read his blog every once in a while and recently he had two really good ones. 1. His review of Love Wins was outstanding. 2. Here’s Don’s Ten Characteristics of a Disciple. Kind of a You Might Be A Disciple If….

1. You think Jesus wants to take over the government so you cut off a soldiers ear in order to get the fighting started. (The neo cons are definitely disciples!)

2. You keep pestering Jesus about who he will give more power to in heaven.

3. You have no theological training but own a small fishing business which somehow makes you qualified because you “get it.”

4. The Holy Spirit crashes into one of your mini sermons so everybody can speak different languages and outsiders think you’re drunk.

5. People ask you if you know Jesus and you freak out and say no and run away.

6. You hear they killed Jesus on a cross and you figure the whole thing was a wash and you got duped.

7. You choose other disciples by playing rock, paper scissors.

8. You teach bad theology and have to have somebody else come over and correct you.

Very good. Read the entire post for a bit more. I bet we could add some good ones to this list. The end result is a real rock ’em sock ’em to the false religion of Moralism. So yay.

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