Parenting Generalization #1

Kids love whatever we love and share with them.

Profound, right?

So what do we love? What are we passionate about? Our kids are smart. They pick up on what we love and they pick up on it even if we say we love something else. What are we sharing with our kids?

Skiing Monkey PJs.

Note: I don’t mean this as a guilt trip. Really. I mean it as an encouragement to love the good and to share it with our kids. Good things like skiing monkeys.

Gina (my beautiful/amazing wife) took this pic over Advent/Christmas, something we make a big deal out of –because we love it!

UPDATE: Breann wisely points us back to this quotation by D.A. Carson on the subject.


  1. Skiing monkeys are awesome.

    This is very encouraging. Thanks for posting it Sam.

    We love that our son has seen us reading enough to love books himself. He’ll sit on the couch with us, or by himself, and go through an entire tote of books (about 30). Or if we’re upstairs he’ll run into his room saying, “Book! Book!”, then come running back into our room with a book in hand, climb into our bed, and motion for us to come sit with him (patting the space next to him). Then he’ll toss the book in one of our laps and sit there eagerly waiting for us to read it. The smile on his face every time when we start is priceless.

    I never understood the extent of it when people said that your kids are watching everything you do, but now I do. It’s really kind of scary how much they’re watching you, even when you don’t realize it. It’s a huge responsibility.

  2. A while back, you shared a quote from D.A. Carson that sits nicely alongside this post. I printed that quote out and stuck it on my door. I can try to fill my mind with what’s good and true, but I cannot conjure up excitement on my own. It seems to flow from a source deeper than my intellect. Thanks for the reminder to both strive for good and rest in it, as well.

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