Here are FIVE incontrovertible reasons you should get and read The Black Star of Kingston today!


1. FOMO Fo Real

Yep. If you’re a Green Ember fan but haven’t grabbed Black Star, you ARE missing out. You will not appreciate The Green Ember Series main three (so far) books as much if you skip Black Star. You gotta understand the past to understand the present, dude.

2. New Book Necessity

You won’t be ready for the new #RabbitsWithSwords book out this Christmas if you don’t. That’s right, lovable chump, the new book is a sequel to Black Star.


3. It’s a fun, quick read.

War and Peace? Ain’t nobody got time* for that!

*S. D. Smith INC and its subsidiaries and chains of hotdog stands and dolphin straw manufacturers would like to emphasize that reading long books is gooder than the author implies and would like to disavow the author’s churlish dismissal of both War and Peace. S. D. Smith INC loves War and loves Peace and especially loves them when they are united for a super long book he hasn’t read yet. Offer limited to USA. Offer not valid in California unless a nosy bureaucrat gives his reluctant approval after delivering a severe and pious scolding. Void in Guam. Avoid in Guano. 

4. Three Words: Battle at Sea

It features a civilization-defining battle at sea! That’s right, a huge-slash-important BATTLE AT SEA.


*S. D.  Smith INC and its empire of gluten free car dealerships does not know how to dance and apologizes for this misleading and frankly downright libelous image of words. Illegal to sue in Sue’s Sewing Soiree, but offer valid for invalids in Valencia. 

5. It’s on a crazy sale RIGHT NOW!

Jump. On. It.