Mooses with Bazookas

What on earth is this? A novel? A picture book? A crime? 
It’s an illustrated collection of stories and humorous letters, with a novella (Mooses with Bazookas) in its middle. It stars a mouse, a moose, a dog who can speak Alienese, and other lovable misfits. It’s perfect for people who need, or want, to laugh.  Click here for more FAQ!

I wrote The Green Ember Series for my children. I’m writing my next series with my son.

From the creator of the million-plus selling Green Ember series comes a brand new story with an old soul—the can’t-miss first adventure in a thrilling new series.

Read the tenth Green Ember
book from S. D. Smith

Prince Lander and the Dragon War:
Tales of Old Natalia Book III

“The tenth Green Ember book is fantastic from beginning to end. It has heart, humor, and plenty of heroics. With new breakout characters, dynamic pacing, and a thrilling conclusion, it’s a must-read.” —Brian Jones, Animation Executive

Prince Lander and the Dragon War

Stories That Are Dangerous to the Darkness

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