New Stories With An Old Soul that feature #rabbitswithswords. Explore all 10 books!

The Green Ember Series

Four thrilling adventures following siblings Heather and Picket as they get caught up in an epic struggle for rabbitkind’s liberation from the tyrannous preylords. Humor, heart, and hope anchor this series that centers on small rabbits battling to keep faith amid the chaos all around them.

Green Ember: Old Natalia

An exciting trilogy featuring heroic rabbits who discover new lands and fight off evil forces to shape a new community built on hope. Fleck Blackstar, Whitson Mariner, and Prince Lander lead the forging of a new world in this swashbuckling series of virtuous, valorous tales.

Green Ember: Archer

Jo Shanks is the best buck with a bow and he aims his arrows at the heart of the enemy’s darkness in this gripping trilogy. Breathtaking battles, baffling mysteries, and lots of laughs feature in these wonderful adventures featuring Jo and his friends.