Green Ember LIVE

Experience a new, never-released Green Ember story performed LIVE by S. D. Smith! An exciting event for the whole family to enjoy. Did you know that S. D. Smith is a songwriter as well as a bestselling author? During Green Ember Live, he and family members will share songs from Green Ember books and invite you to sing along. 

“Green Ember Live is a fun, engaging, heartfelt experience for the whole family to enjoy. Sam is a joy – his gift for song and storytelling is a delight for all ages. You don’t have to be a Green Ember fan to have a great time – but you will be after Green Ember Live!” – Rick Rekedal

“The icing on the cake to reading The Green Ember series as a family was seeing The Green Ember Live. It was an up close and personal way to get to know S. D. Smith and his talented family. We sang, we laughed, we lingered over songs and stories and characters that have shaped family memories we’ll cherish for many years.” – Angie Cole

The Green Ember Series is a phenomenon of modern storytelling. These “new stories with an old soul” have captured the hearts of countless children and their families across the world. Children across the world beg for “just one more chapter” as the thrilling tales of #RabbitsWithSwords unfold in homes hungry for tales steeped in hope.

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