Green Ember Commercial Policy

We have a liberal policy when it comes to fan art, fan fiction, and curriculum use. We encourage it, and other transformative works, within certain limits. We want to stress that we have no objection to fan art created solely for personal use, and this Green Ember Commercial Policy is intended to provide guidelines in connection with any commercial use of fan creations and unauthorized business use only. 

Green Ember Logo

The following applies to all fan and non-official business creations.

o  You may not use the covers of books to advertise your derivative works. This creates the perception of an official connection between you and Story Warren or S. D. Smith.

o  You may use the names of characters or descriptions of scenes, so long as you credit S. D. Smith with the characters and ideas that belong to him.

o  You may not use any copyrighted materials, including interior art and text, from our books or websites. This includes, The Oath Rabbit, The Mended Wood Tree, and cover art.

  There is one exceptions to the above rule:  When they are used for non-commercial or promotional purposes for fan websites, fan conventions, and scholarly, web-based endeavors like podcasts. However, you may not sell any merchandise of any logo that incorporates our intellectual property.

o  You may not use any of our trademarks in your marketing material (e.g., the names of any of our books or book series).

o  You may not license (or otherwise permit the use of) any fan art created by you to third parties.

o  You may not claim that something is official, or that you have permission to sell something related to our works.

o  You may not use crowd funding to finance works based on our intellectual property.

The following applies to fan art.

o  You may take one-off commissions in any form at the request of a buyer. However, if they are not prints or stickers, you may not sell them on the open market.

o  You may sell prints and stickers of your fan art and other transformative works on your web site or a web site like Etsy.

o  You may sell prints and stickers of your fan art and other transformative works at your regional convention.

o  You may not sell any merchandise other than prints or stickers. This includes but is not limited to: t-shirts and other clothing, mugs, plushies, pins, jewelry, figures, phone accessories, and replicas. These rights are reserved for our licensed partners.

o  You may not use words verbatim from the text of a book by itself or as a part of any art or graphic design which you intend to sell in any form (e.g. the oath).

o  You may submit your fan art to our quarterly #GreenEmberKidArt contest.

The following applies to fan fiction.

o  You may write fan fiction as long as you credit properly the author and the original work you’re basing it on.

o  You may not copy large portions of our work for use in your fan fiction.

o  You may not sell fan fiction in any way or form.

This commercial policy has been adapted from Brandon Sanderson