Stories to Make us Brave & Dangerous to the Darkness

Amid all the chaos in the world, the faith-breaking and crippling divisions, what are we sharing with our kids?

I’m more committed than ever to giving gifts of light to children surrounded by darkness.

I’m more committed than ever to the belief that telling truthful stories, including depiction of REALLY bad enemies who are evil and need to be defeated, not just “understood better,” is vital.

My newest book, Jack Zulu and the Waylander’s Key, is about conflict, and standing up to evil men, about showing up for the good fight you’re in and being faithful and brave. All of my Green Ember books are about this. I hope and pray this one also inspires those who read it to live out those ancient virtues in the “real world.” I hope it is a gift to ordinary people living “right here” in their lives and that has an impact for good “out there” in some way.

I can’t do everything that needs doing in the world but I can do ONE THING today to help.

Today I’m showing up to do what I’m called to: share stories of bravery. Stories to make us brave. Stories that threaten the darkness with little sparks of light that may grow into great blazes in the hearts of children.

What’s ONE THING—the SMALLER the better—you can do today to show up and shine light?

I’m on a mission to love and serve kids. Families. Your family. Your kids.

I’m on your side.



  1. I love that quote!
    My siblings and I have neverending knights in shinging armor imagination play in Narnia and Middle Earth.

  2. Thank you, Sam, for providing these drops of life-giving water to our children (and to us “adults”!). We all live in a dry and parched land, and every drop is precious. I believe John Ronald once said something similar when a fan wrote to thank him for The Hobbit; I want you to remember that you too are doing a Good and Lasting work. Praise God that He’s given you the ability to serve out these drops. Look forward to seeing you in SoCal at the GHC next month.
    -As I sit eating pancakes,

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