⚔️ Get Ready for Adventure: Heather’s Necklace and Picket’s Sword Are Back!

Picket’s Sword and Heather’s Necklace are back, ready to transport you into the enchanting world of rabbits and their epic adventures!

We are thrilled to inform you that two highly sought-after Green Ember items, Heather’s Necklace and Picket’s Sword, are back in stock at our store! These unique and enchanting pieces have captured the hearts of many fans, and we are excited to offer them once again for your enjoyment.

Picket’s Sword

Bring #RabbitsWithSwords to your home with this beautiful, 23 inch long wooden sword, featuring an authentic insignia from Heather and Picket’s world right on the hilt. This is a wooden replica of Picket’s sword from The Green Ember Series. (On several covers.)  

Heather’s Necklace

A beautiful, embossed torch pendant made of silver-plated pewter. This is another item drawn directly from the pages of The Green Ember Series. No spoilers here, but Heather’s wearing this lovely necklace on the cover of Ember Falls. Bear the flame!

Thank you for supporting our family business.

Thanks to your continued support, the rabbits in our Green Ember world have captured the imaginations of readers far and wide. We hope these stories inspire your own tales of bravery, friendship, and the triumph of good over evil.

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We’re on your side.

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