Announcing the 2023 S. D. Smith Book Tour!

See you soon? I hope so. I’m hitting the road with my family and friends for the 2023 S. D. Smith Book Tour and I hope I get a chance to meet you and share a high five.

Many dates are still coming together, but we are thrilled to be back the Great Homeschool Conventions!

We will be announcing additional tour dates in Texas, California, and elsewhere.

But here are the GHCs we’ll be at. Use the coupon below and get your tickets today!

GHC Dates for S. D. Smith Book Tour

Get Discount Today and a Free Gift From Me!

And I’ve got some awesome news about the pricing.

I’ve got a discount code for you. Use code GREENEMBER to get $10 off admission!

Go here today and order your tickets, then let me know you did it in the comments below, and you’ll be entered for an awesome tote-bag-with-swag giveaway!

Share this post with a friend and I’ll give you a free download of our Mended Wood digital art print. Once you’ve shared this post, comment below and collect your gift by using code SDSmithGHC during checkout at our store.

mended wood printable

More to come on this, but I hope to see during the 2023 S. D. Smith Book Tour next year!



  1. We are so excited you are coming back to GHC Greenville. We tried to get tickets to your recent book signing in Charlotte but it sold out. My kids can’t wait to meet you! We shared the good news with some local friends and Green Ember fans. Also, we had some missionaries over last night to our house. The 8 kids haven’t seen each other in 18 months and they played Green Ember for hours. Your stories have been a connecting bond for them.

  2. We so enjoyed having you in Phoenix in July! I shared on our family’s Facebook page. I’m hopeful that you’ll see plenty of folks in the areas you’ll be in and be super blessed!

  3. We are SO excited you are coming to Missouri! We have been hoping for this for years! We have our tickets and have shared the good news!

  4. Just registered for the GHC in MO–thanks for the code and excited to hear you speak in person! Crossing my fingers to win some awesome Green Ember swag–our family *loves* your stories. What a gift. Thank you!

  5. Whe will S. D Smith be at the Beckley School fair? Will he be there all day, or is there a specific time or will he be there all day?

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