Costumes Inspired by The Green Ember

Green Ember Costumes

Whether you’re attending a Green Ember book club (free audiobook here!), trick-or-treating, or make-believing, a Green Ember costume is always a good idea.

The Green Ember Costume

Here is how to put together a costume inspired by The Green Ember Series.

You will need:

  • Bunny Ears
  • Sword
  • Cloak (blanket, sheet, etc.)


  • Whiskers
  • Armor
  • Satchel
  • Walking Stick

Bunny Ears

Arguably the most notable aspect of any rabbit costume is the ears.

You can easily make your own. Here are 4 ways to make bunny ears from things like a headband, pipe cleaners, or even a paper plate!

Check out these creative ears from fans:


You can’t have #rabbitswithswords without swords. You can find Picket’s Sword here or there are lots of different ways to make your own. Here’s how to make one out of cardboard, aluminum foil, or paper.

Now take a look at these swashbuckling swords:

A sword isn’t the only weapon you can use for a Green Ember costume. Try a bow and arrow!

Cape Traveling Cloak

We’ll call it a cloak because..


Here are tutorials for a no-sew version or 4 other methods. A blanket or sheet works as well.

Gaze upon these clever cloaks:

That covers the essentials. If you want a little more customization, consider these:




Walking Stick

And here is even more inspiration for a Green Ember costume from fans around the world!

Green Ember Costume Walking Ideas

We love seeing you play and create in The Green Ember World. Use #rabbitswithswords and tag @sdsmithereens and @thegreenemberofficial on Instagram or Facebook! We’re on Pinterest!

What do you think would be a fun addition to a #rabbitswithswords costume? Let us know in the comments!

Some ideas from you: a tail, torch made from a paper towel tube, a bow like Heather, necklace, or even a glider!



Make Believe.


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