Crazy Writing Week

Are you a young writer suffering from the dreaded writer’s block? Maybe you haven’t written in weeks… or you’ve been stuck on one part for ages… or you just haven’t had any energy or motivation left to write. And the more you put it off, the more dusty your manuscript gets. That’s where a lot of writers quit.

But no more.

Our friends at the Young Writer’s Workshop are doing something big next week, and you’re invited (it’s free)! The last time they ran this, 1,000+ young writers jumped on board and wrote 4,000 words apiece on average! There were writers breaking their own records, finishing their novels, and finally breaking through their dry spell and writing more than they’ve ever written before.

All from joining Crazy Writing Week.

Crazy Writing Week is a free, team-based competition where you get to compete with other writers to see which team can write the most words over the course of the week.

How would you like to challenge yourself and see just how much you can write when you’re in a supportive community of fellow writers?

You can click here to register for Crazy Writing Week before it begins on January 9th.

(There may be some special prizes available for those of you who join!)

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