Did We Ruin The Green Ember?

Green Ember Redesign

We redesigned the books and issued new editions, but was that a good idea? Why mess with something that is clearly working and that readers very much love?

Books often get redesigned by publishers over the years. We hadn’t done that because, hey, why mess with what works? But I wanted a Green Ember logo that was recognizable and useful for everything we create, from books to shirts, hats, games, shows, or movies.

But it’s also to address a challenge.

Old Natalia? The Archer’s Cup? Where does this book belong? Is this in the main series? How many series are there?

I understand that it can be difficult for fans to figure out the three distinct, but deeply-connected series inside the Green Ember world.

  • Green Ember Series
  • Green Ember: Old Natalia
  • Green Ember: Archer

In short, they’re all Green Ember books. So they needed a unifying look, while maintaining the unique series distinctiveness.

We are convinced this redesign and rerelease is a more generous, hospitable way to present these stories.

We’ve also included behind the scenes features in several books that make these must-haves for Green Ember fans.

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It was challenging for us to pull this off, but we believe it’s worth the investment in the long run. That’s because we are convinced this is going to be a blessing to you. And we are certain that the better we serve you and your family, the more faithfully we are showing up in our calling. We see this as a stewardship and a vocation rooted in love and service.

10 book green ember line up

If you’re confused about how to read the series, check out this post on Recommended Reading Order and vote for your preferred way.


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