Encouragement to Create + Jack Zulu…Newbery Contender?

Don’t Wait. Create!

Making. Believing. Make believing.

Make Believe HQ for me? The Forge. We converted a little garden shed to a writing hut/office. It’s ten feet from the house, so my commute ain’t too bad.

I’m grateful for this modest little spot. I’ve written some books in there (the first, I think, was Ember Rising) and it’s been a good and useful place for me. It’s useful, but not essential. I still write in the house pretty often.

Don’t get too hung up on worrying about having a “spot.” Don’t add that to an endless list of why you can’t begin to make. Make space to make, whether or not you have a perfect spot. If you wait for perfection, in your work or in your space, you will never get around to making or sharing your work.

Don’t let honest aspiration become a paralyzing perfectionism. Still less, envy.

You probably have what you need to begin or continue the work of creation you’re called to. Don’t wait for permission, especially from your inner critic—or inner snob.

Start where you are. Make something. Later, make something to help you make things.

Don’t wait. Create.

Speaking of The Forge, FORMA came to visit me here for an interview. Have a read & take a look inside.

Jack Zulu…Newbery Contender?

Does Jack Zulu and the Waylander’s Key have what it takes to win the Newbery? The writers at Redeemed Reader discuss! This is the first time an independently published book has made it into their Newbery Buzz Series. We’re honored!

newbery buzz series

Lots of literary awards being given out this season, but I believe I will continue in my perfect run of losing every one ever. You can’t stop this award-losing author!

I like to joke about being an “Award-Losing Author.” That’s not all about covertly bragging about being a finalist for some award I’m genuinely amazed to be considered for. Authors are just like other people, hungry for affirmation and fearful of being rejected. Since authors often do this “being a person” thing in public, it can be awkward pathetic sad challenging.

I want my value and identity to always be rooted in the risen Christ. I don’t want my life to be anchored in the approval or praise of others, but I’ll just say that sometimes it sure can do a feller good.

So I just want to say thank you to those of you who have been so generous and hospitable to me this past year. Thanks for giving my stories a chance. Thanks for reviewing on Amazon/Goodreads, sharing my books in podcasts or in person, subscribing to my newsletter, writing me encouraging emails or letters, and in so many other ways making this new series launch (with my son!) an adventure I will cherish all my life.

So, while I joke about losing awards, I have genuinely been given the best acclaim an author can covet. You. Readers. Allies. Advocates.


I thank God in heaven for you all.


P.S. Please take a moment to review Jack Zulu here. Thank you!

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