Ender’s Game Made Me a Reader; Its Author Helped Me Become a Writer

Flash back to that time we went to see Orson Scott Card and I got to thank him for his influence on me as a writer and a reader.

Nearly thirty years ago, Ender’s Game got me hooked on reading. It showed me reading books could be a delightful experience.

Nearly twenty years ago, I heard him speak on writing at a little college in Virginia and it greatly inspired and informed my subsequent work.

He was so encouraged to hear that I was now doing this full-time. He emphasized how rare it is and it seemed to really surprise and delight him. That was cool.

He was kind to my kids who are also big fans. (It was my son Josiah’s birthday. He signed his book, “To Josiah—the boy who looks like Ender.”)

This event also let me be on the other side of an author event. Listening, clapping, waiting in a long signing line. It was so fun and good for me to experience that side of it. It took away some of the pressure I feel when I’m “featured” at an event or people are waiting in long singing lines for me. I left really encouraged.

Thanks, OSC. Thanks to all the authors who have inspired and encouraged me.


  1. This is amazing!
    (I’m reading through your old posts, because apparently I’ve never discovered them before…)

    I just listened through Ember’s Game Alive a couple weeks ago. Not as great as I remember the original to be, but a great way to revisit Ender’s Game after many, many years.

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