Enjoy ALL The Green Ember Audiobooks For Free? Yes, on Hoopla!

On Hoopla, you can enjoy all of The Green Ember audiobooks for free. If your library is using Hoopla, then all the audiobooks are absolutely free for you to check out (up to 21 days at a time) and there is no wait list. (All 10 Books Green Ember Books are there now!) 

Green Ember for free on Hoopla

It’s pretty easy to sign up. Took me about a minute. 

Would you consider giving it a try? And when you do, please consider rating my books. 

You can also check out the audiobooks using OverDrive/Libby HERE.

The Green Ember is currently one of the highest rated (five-star) children’s audiobook on Hoopla and one of its most listened to as well. 

If your library isn’t using Hoopla, you can still likely check them out using OverDrive (or Libby).


  1. Are the books being removed from Hoopla? Previously, I saw all ten of them out there, but as of today, Hoopla only lists The Last Archer and The First Fowler as being available (for me at least). Thanks!

      1. Awesome! My family was worried the books were being removed from Hoopla permanently. We love the series and are looking forward to continuing it!

  2. I thought the same thing! I was sure we’d listened to them all on Hoopla. When we came back to listen through them again this summer, I found some missing.

  3. I just started “The Green Ember” and am really enjoying it and looking forward to sharing with my grandchildren. Unfortunately, the books are not on Hoopla here in Colorado Springs (Pikes Peak Library District).

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