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Hello, Friends!

We have had an incredible response to the new book. Thank you for that! And thanks for your encouraging responses to the essay I shared about why my books are sometimes flagged by zealous critics as being too intense—why they aren’t safe, but are good. The overwhelmingly positive reaction has been a reminder to me of why I love serving you.

We are always all about inviting people to begin their Green Ember journey and a new book is a great occasion to do that! I hear all the time from folks who LOVE to give copies of the books away. If you’re looking for a way to share your Green Ember love with your own family and others, then please check out our brand new Official Green Ember Book Club and Party Pack. It’s a ridiculous deal that won’t last long.

Host The Green Ember Book Club or Party

We’ve seen Green Ember book clubs and parties happen all over the world. It delights us to see so many kids playing and creating in The Green Ember World.

“I hosted a The Green Ember book club…for 30 readers aged 7-15. It was one of the most fun book clubs we have had to date.” –Plumfield and Paideia

“I have been really wanting to do a book club for my kids and friends, and with our great love for The Green Ember…it seemed the perfect place to start!” –Mountain Mama Teaching

We want to help enable you or your school/church/homeschool group, etc. to host a book club or party with this rare & limited opportunity to purchase an entire case (28 books) of The Green Ember for just $97.99. At $3.50 a book, that’s a crazy deal!

Green Ember Book Club & Party Activity Pack

And we’re even including our brand new OFFICIAL Green Ember Book Club & Party Guide in download format for idea and activity inspiration. Guide includes: discussion questions, coloring pages, activities, and more!

We want to break down the barriers into The Green Ember World so if you or your school/homeschool group/party/church are unable to afford the cost of the books & guide right now, you can get the entire case of The Green Ember for free by using code “28BooksFREE” at checkout. You’ll only pay shipping.

If you would like to help provide these books to kids, churches, or groups, please consider sponsoring a case (or 2 or 3?)! Details here.

Now, I’m excited to share that my daughter Anne is back with another review for you.

Anne-Girl Reviews: The Two Princesses of Bamarre

Addie and Meryl are two girls—best friends, princesses, and sisters. Meryl, the elder sister, longs for adventure. She is bold, daring, funny, and outgoing. Addie is awed by Meryl and is rather the opposite. She is timid, shy, scared of spiders, dragons, griffins, ghosts—you name it. The two girls have played a game since they were little. It involves one sister contracting the Grey Death, a fatal disease that is so far incurable. The other sister goes on a quest to find the cure and save her sibling. Meryl always plays the hero, battling dragons and climbing mountains to heal Addie just before it’s too late. But years later, the unthinkable happens when Meryl becomes ill with the Grey Death, and it becomes Addie’s unlikely quest to save her sister for real.

For a long time, I considered Two Princesses my favorite book ever. I think it was the story that made me realize I loved books about princesses. But it’s also a story about a girl getting over her fear and shyness, and, as a young, shy, fearful girl, I adored it. I didn’t have a sister yet when I read this for the first time, so it made me desperately want one. I recommend this adventure to you. And my very bold, baby sister agrees. 

The Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine
Aletha Anne Smith

My Place Beside You… or on Your Wall

Whether you’ve been here since the beginning or you’re just discovering The Green Ember, thank you for being here, beside us. Grab this printable art download for FREE as a thank you by using code “TheOathFREE” at checkout.

That’s all for now. Thank you for subscribing to the newsletter!

I’m on your side (and just turned forty-five),


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  1. Maybe I’m missing something, but is there an item we can add to our cart so we can get to checkout to use the code? We already pre-ordered our book.

    P.S. If you’ve had an incredible response to the new book, does that mean there are advanced copies out in the wild? How might one join the cause to read and review your books before they come out?

    P.P.S.? We can’t wait to see our newest Green Ember package in the mail. We always take the flame stickers and stick them inside our book covers.

    1. Oh! If I look under Downloads in the Store, I’ll find it there.
      I was just looking under Featured and not using my brain.

      I now have an additional question, though:
      Is there a way to download the activities / book club guide without purchasing the whole box set? (asking for a kid who would probably love to have a Green Ember birthday party, if she could)
      Now that I think of it… I’ve heard mention of activities and recipes and such before. I’ll have to dig through the news/blog and see what’s posted here.

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