Are Green Ember Books for Easter?

I never intended these to be Easter books, as in “bunny books” for Easter.

But it fits in a different way.

green ember books in an easter basket

These are Easter books, not because they have rabbits, but because the story is about life breaking through in the face of death. The Green Ember Series is about keeping faith, fighting for hope, and self-sacrificial love. In this way they echo The Story!

If you are looking for meaningful gifts for Easter baskets, I invite you to add The Green Ember Series.

Four Green Ember Books

The Green Ember Series

Four thrilling adventures following siblings Heather and Picket as they get caught up in an epic struggle for rabbitkind’s liberation from the tyrannous preylords. Humor, heart, and hope anchor this series that centers on small rabbits battling to keep faith amid the chaos all around them.

Green Ember Easter Basket with father and son reading
father and son reading The Green Ember

Fun fact: the last book, Ember’s End, was written during Lent and Easter, and officially released on Easter Day.

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