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Green Ember LIVE | S. D. Smith Author Event

Hi friends,

On July 15 & 16th I will be in Phoenix, Arizona at the 38th Annual AFHE Home Education Convention presenting a new unreleased Green Ember story LIVE! Join me for a sing-along time that’s a mini storytelling concert. New art from the illustrator, Zach Franzen, will also be featured.

Tickets may only be purchased by AFHE Convention attendees through the registration process. See the registration page for details.

S. D. Smith's Green Ember Live in Phoenix

At the convention, you can come and meet me, buy some Green Ember merch & books and get them signed! Along with Green Ember LIVE, I will be hosting two workshops:

  • How to Coach Your Creative Child
  • Christian Storytelling: An Escape into Reality

How to Coach Your Creative Child

“Your creative child needs encouragement, but also needs guidance and discipline. Join Green Ember author S. D. Smith as he discusses how to help kids gifted in and keen on music, writing, and the arts to say “yes” to their gifting and “no” to the destructive and selfish behaviors associated with artists.”

Christian Storytelling: An Escape into Reality

“Storytelling is everywhere, from Netflix and Disney+ to advertising and politics. Should Christian families be ignorant of the how and why of storytelling? In this talk, bestselling author S. D. Smith shares insights on how Christian parents can wisely think about the challenges and opportunities of storytelling. Christians should be at home with storytelling. After all, we follow a storytelling God.”

S. D. Smith Live Events & Workshops

For more information about the conference, including on-site registration info, visit here.

Event FAQ: I want to see the Green Ember LIVE! Will you stream the event, publish the new, unreleased story Sam is reading? For now, future in-person events are the only places this story will be shared.

Host S. D. Smith

Sam enjoys meeting readers, firing imaginations, and encouraging kids to live out a great life story.

“Whenever I have the opportunity to hear S. D. ‘Sam’ Smith speak, I always come away thinking and smiling. Sam has a unique ability to connect with his audience, whether with children or adults—he is personal, relational, knowledgeable, and engaging. But even more than that, he is motivated—he cannot hide his own enthusiasm for what he has to share. His connection with children is never just an act, but a genuine extension of his own life at home with four children. Sam is that rare combination of being a successful children’s author who also loves and naturally connects with kids, and that will make them want to connect with books and stories. He makes them think and smile.”

Clay Clarkson, Monument, CO

If you would like to host an author event with S. D. Smith, such as Green Ember Live or a conference presentation, fill out this form here or email josiah@sdsmith.com with questions or proposals.

We look forward to seeing you at a live event!

We’re on your side,

Sam & Team

S. D. Smith Speaking

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