Hear S. D. Smith on Writing!

I’m excited to share this! I get lots of question about writing and I’m sharing my anchor words in this talk which is a part of Renew Conference ONLINE. What do I mean by “anchor words?”

Five Anchor Words for Every Kind of Writer

You may have a life verse, or some words to live by, but do you have words that anchor you when you write? Beloved Green Ember Series author S. D. Smith offers (and explores) five anchor words to locate and center your identity as a writer in this practical, encouraging session.

Follow this link to register today! (It’s only $20 today as an early-bird deal.) The conference will have lots of great speakers, including Amber Johnston, Cindy West, and Min Hwang. It’s focussed on homeschooling, but I think would benefit many others as well. I hope you’ll join in the fun!

Register Today!

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  1. That’s so exciting!!!!
    Me and my sisters love your books! We can’t wait.
    Will the cover art come out soon???
    Thank you so much for writing these books, and keeping stories alive!

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