Last Chance for a SIGNED Set + Free Book Club Party Guide

Christmastide has been good for us, and I hope it has been for you. I know there’s lots of pain around, and we’ve had that sadly mixed into our recipe, but it’s still a good feast. Tonight is Twelfth Night and Christmas will be over. Have a party, or don’t. Eat a cookie. Regardless, may God give you joy!

Just a heads up that the SIGNED set of all 10 Green Ember books deal ends Wednesday, January 10th.

Free Book Club & Party Activity Guide

With the purchase of the 10 book bundle, you’ll get the Activity Guide for free!

Use code IBOUGHT10BOOKBUNDLE at checkout.

If you’ve already purchased the 10 book bundle of the new editions, the download code will work for you, too!

I hope this Christmas season has been a time of you becoming a child again.

I like you. Stay cool.

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