Live Launch Party to Celebrate Jack Zulu 2

Jack Zulu 2 is here!

Jack Zulu and the Girl with Golden Wings is here! And we’re celebrating with a launch party.

Join us live on our YouTube channel on Thursday, June 20 (TODAY!) at 7pm ET.

Don’t miss the:

  • Giveaways
  • Live reading
  • Q & A (submit questions in the comments below)
  • Book & audiobook announcements 👀

We’re going to have a good time.

Get Jack for $1

Want to catch up on Jack Zulu 1? From now until the live, get Jack Zulu and the Waylander’s Key audiobook for just $1! Use code JZ1 at our store. Zeno Robinson is a fabulous reader and he’s back for the second one.

Very important math word problem: There are approximately 58 hours between now and the launch party. Jack Zulu and the Waylander’s Key audiobook is approximately 8 hours and 23 minutes. How many times could one listen through the audiobook before the party?

Thank you for your support as we launch new stories with an old soul out into the world for families hungry for soul-shaping, memory-making, darkness-shaking adventures.

We’re on your side,

The Very Serious Author

P. S. Who has better hair?

P. P. S. This crazy launch deal – Jack Zulu 1 & 2 SIGNED for just $25 and a free audiobook – is going away soon. Plus, just for you awesome subscribers, use code JACK to get an extra $5 off.


  1. Jack Zulu and the Girl with Golden Wings is a true work of art. Filled with truth about how there’s only two paths in life. the path of the Righteous and the path of the Wicked, and how we all must choose which one we journey down. The father and son duo has down it again in another heartwarming tale that will keep you hungry for more.
    Give Jack a chance.

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