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Operation Black Star Rising: Uncle Sam Needs YOU!

Operation Black Star Rising


Make The Black Star of Kingston an Amazon Hit on Kindle.

In order to….Raise its visibility for readers on Amazon.

In order to…Introduce lots of people to the Old Natalia trilogy and, thus, the new book!



  1. You spend 99 cents and grab it on Kindle.
  2. You rank it five stars.
  3. Let me know you’re at mission accomplished stage in the comments for a chance to win one of TEN signed Black Star print editions!

(If you already bought it ON KINDLE, then just review it for your mission. NOTE: Anyone can buy the Kindle download, even if you don’t have the device.)


A free, brand new coloring sheet by Green Ember artist Zach Franzen.

A chance to win a signed copy of Black Star–if you comment that you completed the mission!

And my gratitude!


This very moment. Go here and snag the 99 cent deal NOW. Do the review!

Then go collect your free printable coloring sheet HERE. Comment and let me know you did it!


  1. I did it! I saw the e-mail at like 9am but I had to get to my break from school. In conclusion: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!!

  2. Mission accomplished!! We own all the books( plus the pre-order) and all the kindle versions?. Left a 5 star review. Thank you so much

  3. Mission accomplished!!! On audible and kindle!
    BTW: thanks so much for writting these books! i love recomending them to people i know! they are true classics

  4. Mission complete!
    A truly fantastic series that is worthy of many fans! Here’s to hoping more people learn about all your fantastic books!

  5. Sorry, I read the email, but I’m a little late to the party commenting about my review. Already own the entire series in paperback (except Ember Ends), Kindle, and Audible.
    And since I don’t use Facebook, I advertise in the worst way I know how… by posting my Audible review to Goodreads and sharing it on my blog, which no one reads anymore (except maybe a few of you):

    Hopefully you’ll enjoy my informative post about how to recycle the GOLDEN STICKERS on the packages shipped from the S.D.Smith Store.

    1. ugh… caught that too late… Ember’s End (sorry).
      In my defense, it is the only book not on the shelf right behind me… next to my collection of Shel Silverstein books.
      Also, I admit in my review that I absolutely love the series, but I did rate this book with only 4 stars. So I guess my mission is not accomplished.

      But I’ll add (again) that the kids and I LOVE these coloring pages!
      Please, keep them coming!

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