S. D. Smith: Boys Will Only Read Silly Books? No!

Boys Will Only Read Silly Books? No! I think boys NEED stories, says author S. D. Smith.

We all can agree that helping boys fall in love with good stories is a noble aim.

What is ONE suggestion you have for helping? It can be a book, a habit, a rule, a sneaky scheme—what are you doing that helps engage the young boys you love in reading excellent stories?

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  1. My favorite trick is the one that worked on me: an early bedtime, with a rule that reading can continue for 30-45 minutes after tuck-in.
    For me it was a 7:30 (in bed between 7:30-8pm) bedtime followed by “reading time” if I was not tired until 8:30. I soon was in bed at 7:30 every night so I could get as much reading time as possible. I didn’t understand what my parents were doing until years later.
    I have introduced this with my second grader on weekends and she was proud and excited that she was given this privileged. She used it to make some progress on the Chronicles of Narnia, which she is reading for herself for the first time (I read them with her about a year ago).

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