S. D. Smith’s 44th Birthday is Happening Today On His Birthday (Today)

It’s my 44th birthday!

It feels like I am older than ever before. 

I was born in a blizzard. Interestingly, we are also having weather today! 

It’s going to be a good day. I want to say four things I’m thankful for because (A) you can’t stop me—nice try, sucka—and (B) forty-four things is too much for me to manage at this age. 

1) I am so grateful for my mother! Barbara Smith is wonderful. She literally gave me life forty-four years ago (in a blizzard; did I mention that?) and she has been a wonderful mom and the earliest advocate for me as a storyteller. Without her, there would never be a Green Ember or anything else. It’s HER birthday! Happy Birthday. I love you, Mom!

2) Oreos. 

3) The Book of Common Prayer.

4) You. You! Thanks for caring about me and my stories. I probably love you. I’m almost positive I do. 

Thanks, everyone. Happy Birthday from me to you!


  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Smith!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!
    P.S. I believe it is quite an accomplishment to be born during a blizzard 😉

  2. Happy birthday S. D. Smith!!!!
    Hope your days are filled with fun and friends!

    P.S. Are you making another GE book in the main series? Like, after Ember Ends in chronological order? Just wondering, JacobFighter

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