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SIGNED FIRST EDITIONS: Last Chance to Get New Green Ember Books Signed

Hey Pals,

Signed copies are back in stock, for a LIMITED TIME. This is the last chance to get a signed first edition of Prince Lander and the Dragon War, unless you catch me at one of the rare events I’m attending this year.

Child reading Prince Lander and the Dragon War

I’m not traveling much this year, but I’m going to be at HopeWords Conference this weekend. It’s a great conference in Bluefield, West Virginia, which is not terribly far from my Grandview home. I’m really excited to meet many of you. If you’re there, be sure to say hi!

Speaking of last days for stuff, today is the LAST DAY for the FREE oath printable. Use the code TheOathFREE at checkout to get it free.

Many of you are getting the new book. Reminder, it’s NOT SAFE, but it IS GOOD. That means there is evil depicted as—you guessed it—evil! It’s an intense story that doesn’t portray bad guys as just needing a hug. It takes evil seriously and, by doing that, takes you as readers seriously. These stories come from a place of love and a sincere desire to serve you and your kids.

I love seeing the pictures and videos of your families opening the new book. Thanks for sharing those! The official launch is April 19 and we’re planning some fun things for that day.

I’m on your side,



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