Sisters Sing a Beautiful Green Ember Song!

These lovely sisters from the Phillipines are big Green Ember fans, and the youngest composed an original tune to accompany a song from Ember’s End: The Green Ember Book IV. Well done!

This sweet tune joins a growing catalog of poems, songs, original art, and fan fiction being created all across the world. Kids find The Green Ember world is a fantastic and hospitable “world” to play in and create in. Do your kids create and/or play Green Ember?


  1. I love the Green Ember series a lot, and I’ve read them all over and over. Ember’s End is my very favorite book ever, but they’re all great. Helmer and Jo are my favorite characters, because of their personalities. I have a question about Ember’s End—I’d like to know if Owen and Studge survived it.

  2. Somebody should put a tune to and sing “The Mended Wood.” I’ve always wanted to know what it sounds like.

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