The Light Shines | A Poem

The light shines in the dark,
Sometimes only a spark,
But sparks start fires,
That burn empires,
Down, down,

And I have need of finding,
A fire that’s refining,
A life inside the binding,
Of a book with better tales,
Than all my selfish, helpless,

I need light.
I need life.
To be changed,
Invited into the bright and good and beautiful,
And true.

And I found it in you,
When you found me,
When you came,
Into our darkness,
Now the flint you hit and sparked is,
Still burning bright,
And unmaking the night,
And making everything that’s down and wrong,
And right.

Light from Light,
Brighten up the darkness,
Of our hearts,
With your loving, hopeful,
Happy, holy sparks!

And we,
With grateful gladness,

Will shine into shadows.

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One Comment

  1. Wow. I love this poem so much! It’s almost like seeing sparks and fireflies dancing a smoldering fire in a forest at dusk. This poem has such vivid and wonderful imagery! Thank you for sharing this.

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