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The New S. D. Smith Book is Here! Your Kids Will Flip Out!

YES! My New Book is Here and YES it is REAL and YES that’s its Real Name!

Please take a moment to watch this video and let me know what you think in the comments! (Tag your friends if they enjoy laughter.)

Today, I’m so excited to share this new book with you. Mooses with Bazookas: And Other Stories Children Should Never Read. It’s funny. It’s enjoyable. It’s entertaining! Is that okay?

I think it’s great. Aren’t you tired of everything being so heavy with an agenda? I am. Aren’t you tired of every book—especially books aimed at kids!—being a thinly-veiled adult argument about politics?

Both the “bad guys” and the “good guys” seem to be engaged in nonstop propaganda in children’s books and movies. Even when you agree with it, propaganda makes for some lousy, inhospitable storytelling.

We can do better. We have to. This book is entertaining, funny, and wholesome. Don’t believe me? Try this sample!

Do believe me? Please buy a SIGNED copy now. It ships immediately. No preorder. Just order. It’s signed and in stock right now and ready to ship!

What on earth is this? A novel? A picture book? A crime?

It’s an illustrated collection of stories and humorous letters, with a novella (Mooses with Bazookas) in its middle. It stars a mouse, a moose, a dog who can speak Alienese, and other lovable misfits. It’s perfect for people who need, or want, to laugh.

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We’re hosting a LIVE launch party tonight with mucho giveaways, Q & A, & more! Join us tonight at 7pm EST. Bookmark the live here.

I think you’re going to love this. You’re allowed to just smile and laugh and enjoy a story.

I’m on your slide,

P. S. I’m stuck in your slide. The twisty one. Meant for small kids not big adults. That one.

P. S. S. Here’s a beautiful picture of me and my daughter. I love her smile.

P. S. S. S. While you’re in the store, check out our new & restocked items like Helmer’s Shirt, Heather’s Necklace, and the new Mooses with Bazookas Shirt! And remember, don’t eat dirt!

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