The TENTH Green Ember Book is Here! Order Yours Now!

Well, here we are, friends. The TENTH Green Ember book is here. I can’t believe it! It’s a privilege to share Prince Lander and the Dragon War with you. Order now!

This book is another long one, longer even than The Archer’s Cup. It’s also a high-stakes adventure with danger and battle. It has lots of laughs with some fun new characters, but it’s serious and intense in spots. Prince Lander has fierce fighting and is not a cute story where nothing bad can ever happen. It’s not a safe story, but it’s good, if you know what I mean.

If you love the moral clarity and inspiration of old-fashioned good vs. evil then you’ll love this book. I think this kind of book is important for kids, and adults, and I’m delighted to invite you to order it today.

If you haven’t yet read the two previous Green Ember: Old Natalia books, then here’s your chance to change that. Order the SIGNED trilogy!

Help Me Out (and win)?

Could you help us share the new book release in this simple way? As thanks, we’ll pick a few winners to get special personalized inscriptions on an extra signed book. This is all you need to do…

  1. Make your own post about the series (with your own image or grab the new book cover) and share your genuine excitement over the TENTH Green Ember book release.
  2. Come back and make a comment on this Facebook post. (If you don’t have FB, then on this blog post.)

That’s it. You’re entered. Thank you!

This is so fun. I LOVE sharing new stories with you. This one is really special to me for lots of reasons. I am so eager to get it to you!

God bless you,



  1. I have been so excited for this book. Ever since November I have been requesting my library to buy it (leaving a note that it’s not published yet, of course). I did it again just 4 days ago, hoping they will buy it now! I want to read this ASAP 😀

    Mr Smith, your stories are SWEET

  2. Hi! I just graduated high school, but these books are some of my most favorite books of ALL TIME! The themes of hope and truth in them are just so good to me and are something I think should be in all children’s books. Yeah, I’m pretty sure these rank up there with Chronicles of Narnia. I love all the books and can’t wait to get started on Prince Lander and the Dragon War! I’m ordering one right now!

  3. New characters?! Well they’re gonna need fanart right away, right? 😉

    I’m so excited to read the next installment! Already ordered it!! 😀

  4. Oh my 3 boys are going to be thrilled!!! Just pre-ordered Prince Lander and some new t-shirts as they’ve outgrown all there other Green Ember shirts. Your stories are much beloved in this house!

  5. I have been eagerly awaiting Prince Lander and the Dragon War ever since it was announced, and now I am WAY too excited to read it! (But can you be TOO excited for a Green Ember book? I don’t think so!) Mr. Smith never fails to deliver a great story and a thrilling adventure!

  6. I cannot believe that the new book is out!! I have been so excited waiting for it, and when I saw the cover for Prince Lander and the Dragon War I was so thrilled!! My sister and I read your books. We have always loved them!! My favorite character is Smalls. He is so cute!! I have made my own characters based off this series. I love how creative the whole series is with all of the plot!! I make all sorts of things based off the series on a website called Scratch. My favorite book is Ember Falls. Keep up the good work!!

  7. I am so excited for this story and have been since finding out that it was being written. I love The Green Ember series so much, it’s brought me a lot of hope and comfort and I’m excited and happy to see where you’ll take us next!

  8. My daughter Isabel is a big fan of your books and she is super excited while waiting get “Prince Lander and the Dragon War”! She has found many (but not all) of your books at local libraries (and got them to order some) and liked them so much I bought her the whole set. That was her favorite Christmas present last year. She loves to share her experiences reading them with her friends and now they are also fans!

  9. I am so excited to read Prince Lander and the Dragon Wars! It sounds so adventurous and fun! All of The Green Ember books have been excellent so far, both in the main series and the mini series. I cannot wait to read the third installment in the Tales of Old Natalia.
    Thank you Mr. Smith for writing stories that are clean and enjoyable for all ages. They encourage and inspire people all over. Your stories and characters are unique, fun, and so enjoyable! Thank you!

  10. Your books are AMAZING! I already order Prince Lander and the Dragon War and I’m so excited to read it! The Green Ember series are my favorite books!

  11. what can i say i have just finished the last book in the series and now i get to read a new one in the series i loved the series so much i laughed cried and so on i cant put them down fantastic stories in them all you realy do start to feel for the charectors in the books you want them to win and over come all the obsticles that they face bless them i loved it all and dont be put of because its a kids book i didnt and was glad for it fantastic set of books for young or old readers i am so looking forward to reading this new one like i said just finshed embers end and was sad as i had no more of them to read so this was great news and even greater is that its going to be a longer book as well oh what a great day this is going to be when i get it cant wait would love to see more books from the author of these rascals they are so heart warming and thought out stories if inly humans could learn from these rabbits the world would be a better place for all sadly that isnt happening any time soon so checkout this fantastic series of books you wont be disapointed you wont want them to end i dont and a big thank you to the author for writing these and sharing them with us public and i look forward to reading this new one asap

  12. I have read the Green Ember series and I really enjoyed them! I am now listening to the Green Ember Archer series on audio book, it is pretty good so far.
    I plan to listen to the Old Natalia books when I am done.
    This new book looks pretty cool! Keep up the good work!

  13. My kids and I just finished Prince Lander and the Dragon War. We’ve read all ten and have absolutely loved each one. Thank you for your work!

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