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See you soon? I hope so. I’m hitting the road with my family and friends for the 2023 S. D. Smith Book Tour and I hope I get a chance to meet you and share a high five.

s. d. smith book tour

More dates and details will be coming soon. Sign up for S. D. Smith’s Updates to stay in the loop on upcoming events and new releases. Find out what Green Ember LIVE is HERE.

2023 Book Tour Dates

Get $10 off admission at the Great Homeschool Conventions (GHC) by using code GREENEMBER when registering! (Green Ember Live is FREE with your GHC registration)

  • 16-18: GHC Missouri | Register Here (Green Ember LIVE on Thursday 3-16 at 8pm)
  • 24-25: HopeWords Writers’ Conference – Bluefield, West Virginia | Register Here
  • 30-April 1: GHC South Carolina | Register Here (Green Ember LIVE on Thursday 3-30 at 8pm)
  • 13-15: GHC Ohio | Register Here (Green Ember LIVE on Thursday 4-13 at 8pm)
  • 8-10: HEAV – Richmond, Virginia | Register Here
  • 15-17: GHC California | Register Here (Green Ember LIVE on Thursday 6-15 at 8pm)
  • 6-8: GHC Texas | Register Here (Green Ember LIVE on Thursday 7-6 at 8pm)
  • 14-15: Arizona Home Education Convention by AFHE – Phoenix, AZ | Register Here

The 2023 tour is in full swing! Check it out:

Interested in hosting Sam? Details here.

s. d. smith book tour

Wondering if Green Ember Live with S. D. Smith is for you?

“Don’t miss the chance to enjoy live, warmhearted storytelling from an author who genuinely loves his characters, his audience, and the joy of inspiring young people to be a light in the darkness.

The simple combination of song, story, and illustrations created an atmosphere of fun and discovery as we heard a never-published vignette. Smith’s signature blend of humor, tenderness, and “what will happen next!” made us wish for more!

Whether you know and love the Green Ember world already or are just barely acquainted, Green Ember Live is a special experience for the whole family.”Cindy Duell, AFHE Board of Directors and Convention Director