Allies In Imagination—PLUS a Giveaway of 16 Wonderful Books (worth $230) 


I have always wanted my books to serve as allies to you in your mission to love your kids and give them memory-making, soul-shaping, darkness-shaking adventures. It’s my prayer that many families will feel that keenly when they pick up the Green Ember and Jack Zulu books. I know many do and I thank God!

I feel that way at my home when I hear there are allies in that fight. One such ally is Wolfbane Books. Their books are amazing—deeply truthful and profoundly beautiful. I recommend them all. 

Another ally is the Young Writer’s Workshop. I’m so hopeful when I see young writers being blessed and encouraged and equipped by Young Writer’s Workshop. There isn’t a better program out there. I’m involved at YWWs and I’m speaking at their FREE online summit next week. 

So I’m inviting you to two things. And both get you an entry into a sweet giveaway. 

1) Sign up for Young Writers Can Change the World Summit if you have a young writer.


2) Invest even a small amount in Wolfbane’s new kickstarter for their newest books.

I believe many of you will go for it on both and you’ll be delighted to have done so, but I want to pump up the incentive a little and make this more fun. 

If you do #1 and/or #2 go and comment here telling me you did it here (Facebook) or here (Instagram) and/or here at the blog in the comments and…

You’re entered to win a signed set of ALL my books and ALL of their books. 

That’s 16 books valued at $230!

I hope you’ll come to see these allies of mine as allies of yours, and I hope this is a blessing to you and yours. 

Never forget….

I’m on your side, 



  1. My 12 year old daughter, Lillie, signed up for the summit next week. We are starting school for the year the week of the summit so this will be a perfect kickstart. Thank you for offering this to our kiddos. Also, Lillie first learned about SD Smith at the Virginia HEAV Homeschool Convention…best convention ever. She is loving the Green Embers Series.

  2. Our family signed up for the summit and contributed to the kickstarter campaign. Thank you so much for making us aware of both of these opportunities! We weren’t familiar with Wolfbane Books and are now so excited to receive and enjoy their books!

  3. I signed up for the writers summit! Thank you for your books, we are really big fans of the Green Ember series!

  4. I am a young writer, so I signed up for the summit and am looking forward to it! Thank you for passing along Wolfbane Books, I teach preschool and am always thrilled to see great, Gospel-centered children’s books. Our family loves your stories!

  5. We backed the project on Kickstarter. Thank you very much for giving our family more rich reading options that are Kingdom- focused. Blessings!

  6. We have signed up for the Young Writers can Change the World online summit next week. I am looking forward to it, especially as I have already heard some of the speakers that will be there.

  7. I am signed up for the Young Writers can Change the World online summit and excited to hear more of the wisdom that you can give about writing beautiful stories (with an old soul 🙂

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