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Big Giveaways as Green Ember Book Launched & S. D. Smith LIVE Event TONIGHT!

Today is the day! Prince Lander and the Dragon War is available in Audiobook, eBook, and print form at Amazon and more retailers.

We’re celebrating TODAY with a live launch party at 7:30PM ET over on our Green Ember YouTube Channel! There will be a Q & A, reading, giveaways, and more. (Picket Packslayer may or may not make an appearance.)

Prince Lander & the Dragon War

I know, I know, 7:30PM seems like a long way off. We can’t wait, either. Here are some things to do while you wait for the festivities to begin:


Subscribe to Green Ember on YouTube and click the bell icon to be notified when we’re live! Catch up on any videos you may have missed like seeing kids open Prince Lander or how to prep for the TENTH book.

Here is our newest video:


Did you pre-order Prince Lander and read it already? Nice! We’d be so appreciative if you left a review. You can do so at Amazon, Goodreads, or Audible.


What would you like to see tonight? Do you have a question for the Q & A? S. D. Smith loves answering questions from readers of all ages. Post your or your kid’s question in the comments below, on Facebook, or Instagram. Where appropriate, please include a first name and age of the person asking the question. No spoilers please.



  • SIGNED Set of all 10 Green Ember Series Books
  • Green Writer Course
  • Green Oath Mug
  • Green Oath Hat
  • Picket’s Sword
  • Heather’s Necklace

How to enter: 

  1. Comment on The Green Ember Audiobook video with your quick take on The Green Ember Series. (While you’re there, like & subscribe!)
  2. Let us know in the comments below that you are entered. 

We will select one winner for this GRAND PRIZE at the beginning of the Launch Party. 

More Giveaways

There will be multiple chances to win various prizes. Here is what we’re giving away:

  • Green Writer Courses
  • Signed copies of Prince Lander and the Dragon War
  • Signed Trilogy, Green Oath Mug
  • And one more GRAND PRIZE: Signed Set of all 10 Green Ember Series Books, Green Writer, Green Oath Mug, Green Oath Hat, Picket’s Sword, Heather’s Necklace

Stick around for more chances to win throughout the party!

See you tonight!


    1. It would be soooo amazing if there was another book.
      I would like it even more if the book was about Helmer in the early days

  1. We cannot wait for the new release! I just popped over to the YouTube channel to share our love for the series there as well. Thank you for writing such beautiful stories!

  2. Just entered and am so excited! I hope to win and continue reading all the books with my class! ????

  3. As posted on Youtube:

    My family and I have all enjoyed these books tremendously. I am grateful that my young boys (11-5) can be reminded of the hope we can have in the midst of the darkness of this world. They they can be reminded to be strong, courageous, and giving of themselves as they seek to live for the mending. These books have been great conversation starters and examples of Biblical truths that we desperately need.

  4. Left the review, which wasn’t hard to do! My son’s already on his way through our prerelease version, looking forward to being able to listen to the audiobook with the whole family!

  5. Entered and excited! My son and I are looking forward to reading Prince Lander and the Dragon War together.

  6. Excited for the new book. We have liked, subscribed, and entered. I will be sharing the audiobook with my kids this evening. thanks!

  7. We entered! When you find a book series that all 4 of your kids love, you hit the jackpot! Can’t wait to read this with them!

  8. We entered (and liked and subscribed)! The new Prince Lander book is great just like all the others. Thank you!

  9. Hello! I do have one question concerning this series. Is there any significance behind the large number of twins introduced in Ember Rising? Thanks!

  10. The Green Ember series is amazing! We have read it several times and have recommended to it to many friends who also love it! The virtues expressed throughout the stories are so needed in our culture today. The story itself is one of hope and perseverance, which is definitely encouraging and needed in all of our lives, adults and children alike. Read this series, you are sure to enjoy it!

  11. We entered. I really do think the writing is getting better as S.D. Smith writes more. This is the best book so far!

  12. We are so excited about a new book! Our books have been so loved they are falling apart! A new set is going to be a lovely birthday present for my kiddos!

  13. Commented! We love this series Prince Lander is next on our list (already purchased).

    My place beside you. My blood for yours. Till the Green Ember rises or the end of the world!

  14. We have worked our way through all of the books and DEVOURED the pre-release as soon as it came and it did not disappoint! Can’t wait to celebrate tonight! We entered to win and my son has already picked a friend to give the whole series too if we will (since he has them all) but he’s asked to keep th cup and ‘gear’ ? Good luck everyone!

  15. Okay, question: Why did you choose dragons, as opposed to normal predators of rabbits? Was there some specific reason why?

  16. S D Smith, your first book (Green Ember) has been reviewed by me. This series is AMAZING!! It easily hits my top 3 list. SO EXCITED to hear about the next book (even though the livestream is about Prince Lander, I’m hoping for a book announcement with it!).
    God bless!

  17. I am entered! Can’t wait till tonight. I have read every one of your books 3 to 4 times.
    It is really hard to find a good book these days so thank you so much!

  18. We are so excited for the party tonight! We entered the contest— liked, subscribed, and commented on the audiobook.
    —-Bare the flame!!

  19. We are entered! The new book arrived today and my son is chomping at the bit to start reading it! Thank you so much for providing good, quality literature for children (and adults!)!

  20. We are entered! And we decided to start the Last Archer audio book today (as in right now!) My kids are so excited.

  21. We left a comment. We love these stories so much! We also love all the shorter stories that go back a flesh out the history or specific characters. I, for one, would love a history about Helmer and his family.

  22. I have entered. Can’t wait to show these books to my kids when they are old enough to understand and love them.

  23. I’m so excited about this party tonight! I’ve had it on my calendar since it was first announced! I can’t wait to meet with all you fellow Green Ember fans and celebrate this new amazing book!!!

  24. Thank you so much for writing these books! I’ve read them each about 20 times in a row! (I think that was a little much ?) They are my favourite series of all! I enjoyed the tales of old Natalia a lot and I hope for a movie of all the books together! ?
    My favourite activity is to read so that is one reason why I like it so much. Thanks!

  25. My kids love your books. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. We’ve also commented on the YouTube video because my kids are all in 🙂

  26. We entered and are excited to participate tonight. So happy to support a WV author! Much love from the Eastern Panhandle!!

  27. Entered as Captain Nemo (my Gmail I couldn’t figure out how to change).
    Can’t wait for tonight!!

  28. I liked and subscribed, but I cannot find any way to comment on The Green Ember Audiobook video.
    I’ve scrolled, I’ve rotated my phone multiple times, but I cannot find the comments or the “leave a comment” button.

    1. I finally found it. And I have left my review!
      Love this series and cannot wait to share it with my nieces!

  29. We commented on the YouTube video. Can’t make the live broadcast tonight. Hope it will be available to watch tomorrow.

  30. Hello! I did all the steps to enter. I’m so excited, I can’t wait! I love the Green Ember series, and I’m super excited about the new book! :]

  31. We commented for the giveaway! Always happy to share about The Green Ember world with others. Looking forward to your launch party.

  32. Entered! Excited to watch tonight ? congrats on publishing your tenth book ? you are truly an amazing writer!

  33. We are entered! We just finished the book last week and here is our question: Will we learn more about the time period between Lander and King Jupiter?

  34. I entered!! I enjoy this book so much!! Greatly written and very well done!! Love this book and might even read the series again!! ???❤

  35. I Entered, Mr. Smith! Also, I do have a question: Do you have any details on Forsythe Longtreader, the one who created the Map Of Natalia in The Green Ember? Thanks so much if you answer!

  36. We have entered! Looking forward to it. Any plans on more Green Ember stories or is something new in the works?

  37. Entered for the drawing! And looking forward to tonights live!

    Has your family read all of your books? How do they like them, and do they give you suggestions or criticism for the stories? ~Emma 23

    We are excited to read this new book in the series and are always ready for more!! ☺️

  38. I left a review. Thank you for continuing to produce quality stories for the entire family. Our copy of “Prince Lander and the Dragon War” is already looking worn from being past around among all the siblings and cousins (and their parents!).

  39. We are excited about the launch party and the giveaway. We commented on YouTube. Thanks for all of this.

  40. We commented on the video and hope to win!
    Just purchased your newest book for our daughter to listen to. She was so excited, she squealed with delight and immediately ran to download it!

  41. We are so excited! Somehow we missed we needed to comment here. But here we are. Ready to party virtually!

  42. We’ve been eagerly awaiting this day!! Listened to the entire audiobook the first day. Thank you for creating such a great story for our family … and for the opportunity to win!

  43. My daughter yet left a wonderful review. She’s so excited for the launch party and managed to get many of her friends reading the series too ❤️

  44. Thank you so much for your beautiful books! We are in Southern Victoria (the state that has been most locked down in the world over last 2 years) and your books are helping provide our children / family hope.

  45. In the prologue it said, Galt and Fleck washed up on the shore of Flint River … Does that mean there’s another book?! — Cooper Hill, age 8

  46. In the prologue it said, Galt and Fleck washed up on the shore of Flint River … Does that mean there’s another book?! — Cooper Hill, age 8

  47. I’ve entered!!!!! Mr. Smith, THANK YOU so much for your books I have been immensely inspired and blessed by them and they challenge me to fight my battles for God. May you be blessed greatly for your efforts.
    God Bless.

  48. We entered the giveaway!
    (Music Academy for Kids).
    Couldn’t be more pleased with all your books! Prince Lander is getting so good—just a few chapters left, our kids love the stories!

  49. I’ve entered! My kids recieved Prince Lander for Easter and four of them (those that can read it independently) have already read it at least once! They all loved it and can’t wait for more (including the 15year old)!

  50. I dont have youtube, but I hope this still works?
    I absolutely love this series and will probably binge-read this book cause I’m crazy, but what the heck.
    I cant wait!

  51. Oh, YAY!!! Fun Fun Fun!!! EEEEEK Prince Lander!!!!!!! I’ve entered! I’VE ENTERED!!!. . . . but what have I entered?
    Question: So, we know that Heather has dreams. Does Lander?

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