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Green Ember Audiobooks | Meet the Narrator + Online Author Event

Prefer to watch? Check out the video version of this update.

Thank you for coming to the Prince Lander and the Dragon War launch party! If you missed the live, you can still watch the video here on our Green Ember YouTube channel.

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Green Ember Audiobooks

Meet West Virginia native Eric Fritzius, the excellent narrator for six Green Ember adventures, including the newest. Eric is an actor and author, and his deep, resonate voice is perfect for these swashbuckling tales.

You can find ALL TEN of the Green Ember audiobooks wherever you get audiobooks. Psst, they’re also free on Hoopla.

Online Author Event

I’m joining Tolle Lege Book Community on Thursday, May 5th at 7pm EST to chat and answer questions. Anyone can come! Join this Facebook group (you can pop out once it’s over) and in the challenge questions, let them know you heard about it from S. D. Smith. Hope to see you there!

S. D. Smith Tolle Lege Online Author Event

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