Fasting in Public, Green Ember IV, and a Recent Interview

Know how to make a horse fast? Don’t give him any food.

I’m still off social media for a while. You can see my blog post about that here. I kind of hated to announce it. Announcing a fast is typically pretty bad form and directly contrary to Jesus’ teaching on it. I consulted with my pastor and tried to do that the most loving/responsible way.

I am only about ten days into the break from the socials and I am grateful for the time away. I spent about thirty minutes on Sunday afternoon posting a quote. I’m doing some thinking about how to best approach that aspect of my work when Lent is over and Easter comes. More importantly, I pray you are having a blessed Lent (if you practice) and that Easter will be sweet and joyous!

We are also approaching the one year anniversary of the release of Ember’s End, which is kind of an Easter book. I am so pleased with the response we’ve had to that book. It’s been just what I hoped. I’m so grateful for your reviews and notes. (It’s approaching 1,000 reviews on Amazon. Would be cool to push it over the top!) Thank you!

turned 44 on February 11. That was a cool day. I received a lot of love from my family and I’m grateful! I’m really grateful pretty dang often these days. Life is never without pain and struggle, but I do feel profoundly blessed about the people God has given me to go through those moments of pain and joy with.

This interview I did with Jenn Brogdan used to be behind a pay-wall, but now it’s free. I enjoyed it.

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