Green Ember Kid Art | Q2 Winners

Prefer to watch? Check out the video version (& stay for the outtakes🎬).

Hello friends,

It’s time to announce the winners for this quarter’s Green Ember Kid Art Contest!

But first we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to create and submit. We received submissions ranging from ages 5 to 36 in various formats such as print, digital, clay, Legos, poems, and more. It was difficult to choose a winner but we’ve selected 2.

Randomly Selected Kid Artist: (Prize: Wild Glee, Contagious Joy, and $20 Gift Certificate at EVERYONE who submits art is entered.

And the winner is… Colin, age 10!

Young Helmer art from Kid Art Winner, Colin

Best #GreenEmberKidArt: (Prize: Unimaginable Glory, Prodigious Esteem, and $25 Gift Certificate at!) Judged according to artist’s age.

And the winner is… Elisabeth, age 13

Green Ember Kid Art Winner, Elizabeth

Congratulations to these winners!! We received lots of great submissions. Here are some of them. Watch this video to see more!

The contest for the next quarter starts now so here are the official rules:

Please submit 1 original piece per quarter. If you have more than one, hold onto it until our next quarterly contest opens up (every 3 months). The next contest ends in September and winners will be announced in October.

We look forward to seeing your submissions!

Good luck,



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