AFHE Convention & Phoenix Meet Up | S. D. Smith Book Tour

Home from an awesome book tour trip to Arizona. I LOVED being at the AFHE convention, meeting thousands of amazing families. We had a blast!

💚 Signed thousands of books.
💚 High-fived hundreds of kids.
💚 Heard more encouraging/moving stories about how these Green Ember stories have touched families.💚 Met more members of our elite sales force (aka Ember Moms who love to share their authentic experience with others).
💚 Sang along with hundred of smiling Green Ember fans to Picket Packslayer and more at Green Ember LIVE! What a huge honor this is. I hadn’t been to one of these in a long time and it was really special. 🐰⚔️💚

Also, the AFHE leadership was fantastic. It was easy to see where their hearts are. We LOVE teaming up with awesome allies to serve these incredible families.

🙏🏼 I LOVED being in Arizona. I very much hope to be back!

Sam speaking at the AFHE convention in Arizona

Arizona Meet Up

We had a pretty last-minute get together at a coffee shop in Phoenix and I loved meeting a group of Green Ember fans!

Thanks for the encouraging conversations and high-fives!

S. D. Smith meet up with fans in Phoenix, Arizona

My place beside you,



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