I’m Investing in the Wingfeather Saga Animated Show

This is exciting! My pal Andrew Peterson’s wonderful book series, The Wingfeather Saga, is raising funds for season one of an animated series. Andrew is partnering with Angel Studios, who have helped raise funds to create The Chosen, a spectacular series centered on Jesus and his disciples. 

I’m a big fan of these end-runs around traditional gatekeepers in media—we need more! Of course I’m also a big Andrew Peterson fan and so I’m pitching in as an investor. I hope you will too! 

Check it out here!


  1. Hi! Wondering if investing in this series is like investing in the stock market? Wondering what it means and appreciate any explanation.

  2. I’ve never read The Wingfeather Saga. What is it about and is it Christian-friendly? (I.e. No dark magic, spells, sorcery, and other related stuff.)

      1. Wow! This response is hilarious. “Yes, it’s Christian-friendly”… but Isabelle forgot to mention, it also contains “dark magic, spells, sorcery, and other related stuff.”
        The Wingfeather Saga is written by a Christian author/musician, and it’s a great series, but it also gets very dark. I’ve heard it compared to The Chronicles of Narnia, and due to the familial themes, I can see that, but I think I see more similarities to The Lord of the Rings and an evil consuming all the land.

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