1. Wow! That’s so pretty!! I’ve been looking for something to draw, I think I’ll make some fan art. Even though I normally only draw humans :p

  2. LOVE the fan art! I wish I could draw like that. I can honestly say that I’ve loved Smalls from the very beginning, and when he becomes king, it’s so much better!! I also really like Emma, Heather, and Helmer. Really though, I like everyone! :p

  3. Wow, a lot of people like Helmer, and what’s not to like? Although, I do love Heather, Smalls, Jo, and Picket. Heather is my absolute favorite.
    Bear the Flame!
    (And Heyna Blackstar.) hehe.

    1. My favorite character would have to be either Jo, Helmer or Picket. All the characters are awesome really!

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